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Matrimonial and family law issues such as divorce, child custody and prenuptial agreements can present difficult circumstances for anyone involved. The added stress and confusion in relation to the legal requirements of these situations only adds to the frustration. For this reason, our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that each client’s individual situation is handled as efficiently as possible and produces a result that is as beneficial as possible for our client.

We cannot promise to make your divorce entirely painless, however we will do everything we can to ensure our skills, experience and wisdom make the experience as straightforward and stress free as possible.. Arriving at the decision to divorce can also be extremely difficult for many couples and this is something that we empathize greatly with. Our clients will never be put under any pressure by our firm to make any sudden decisions. We will however, offer our years of experience to help you through those difficult decisions.

Divorce Lawyer

The legal requirements necessary to obtain a divorce can be complicated, especially regarding which partner has the right to certain assets and valuables. Here at the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Caner, we can offer our over 36 years of experience in helping you meet these challenges.

We will ensure that all aspects of your divorce, from equitable distribution and maintenance to child support and custody are dealt with as efficiently as possible while ensuring the best interests of your children are considered.

Legal Separation Lawyer

Many couples would prefer to complete a legal separation rather than a divorce for reasons such as financial benefits, religious beliefs or to keep their family together for the benefit of their children. A legal separation can also give couples time to resolve the issues they may have in relation to financial assets and child custody. Once these issues have been dealt with either party is then free to institute an action for divorce without further stress knowing these issues have all been discussed and resolved. Additionally, a legal separation, unlike a divorce, is reversible, meaning if the parties involved have a change of heart, they are capable of reversing the decision to separate. At the Law Offices Mitchell J. Canter we aim to help our clients in any way we can in relation to their legal separation issues and we are happy to provide any advice that may be beneficial in any situation.


If you are an individual or couple being faced with a legal issue relating to matrimonial or family law, then it is important that you are aware of your options in this scenario. If you are entering a divorce, then it is vital that you find a reliable divorce lawyer. This will ensure you receive the assets and equity that you deserve, while also ensuring, if there is a child or children involved, that child support and custody are dealt with with the child’s best interest at heart.